SpaceX plans to colonize Planet Mars

SpaceX plans to colonize Planet Mars

Humans would have landed on Mars by the year 2024. This is what the SpaceX CEO Elon Musk envisions.

SpaceX was founded in the year 2002. The main idea behind SpaceX was the colonization of Mars. SpaceX has already established its name as a profound explorer in the field of space and technologies.

Being a private firm it has collaborated with some big names like NASA, Google and Fidelity who have invested around 1 billion dollars in SpaceX which makes them a 10 percent stakeholder of the company.

In the year 1953, Wernher von Braun a German rocket Physicist and space architect published his book named “The Mars Project”. It is a non-fiction scientific book which focuses on the settlement of humans on the Red planet.

The interesting part is the author has mentioned Ruler of Mars entitled as “Elon”, and by this time Elon Musk was not even born. Perhaps the prophecy might come true if Elon succeeds in colonizing Mars.

Starship is the name of the vehicle that will be carrying around 100 astronauts on its mission to Mars in 2024.

It is going to be the most powerful rocket ever built. After its launch from Earth, it will be refuelled again in the Earth’s orbit and thereafter it will continue its journey to Mars.

The time duration for Starship’s journey from Earth to Mars is supposed to be six months long. It will be a two-way trip, the Starship will return home after successful study of the life on Mars by the SpaceX astronauts.

But Is the Mars habitable?

Elon Musk is spending billions on the Mars project. But the main question is whether Mars is habitable or not.

Following points and figures answer the question

  • The gravity of Mars is 38% of that of Earth and which is believed to be adaptable for humans.
  • A Mars day is 24 hours and 39 minutes long which is similar to that of Earth’s day of 24 hours.
  • It is colder on Mars than Earth but that is suitable for humans.
  • Ice is present on Mars surface which means water is also present there.
  • The Mars atmosphere consists mainly of carbon dioxide (95%) and oxygen in a small proportion (0.16%).

These points suggest after Earth if there is any planet habitable that has to be Mars.

Though there is a strong radiation presence on Mars, with Human intelligence and efforts the colonization of Mars will be no longer a dream.

In an interview, Elon was asked what is the faster way to make Mars habitable and to which he replied: “drop nuclear weapons over the poles of Mars”.

This shows his craziness as well as passion to colonize Mars. If Elon Musk is successful in making Mars habitable then maybe Tesla will become the first company to deliver cars to the Martians.

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