5 Must Visit Places for Future Martian Tourists

5 Must Visit Places for Future Martian Tourists

The Red Planet has a diverse topography with huge volcanoes and canyons and probably water streams as well. Which makes Mars the next best sought after travel destinations for the travelers.

With Mars colonization missions like SpaceX’s Starship around the corner, it’s time to pack your bags and plan for your next trip to our neighbor planet Mars.

Here are 5 places you must visit when you land on Mars:

Olympus Mons

This would be with no doubt the most crowded places with the tourists.

Olympus Mons is the most extreme volcano in the Solar system. It stands at a height of 25 kilometers! Making it 3 times taller than Mount Everest.

It has been formed by slow dripping of the lava from its slopes. It has an average slope of only 5% which makes it easy to climb for future explorers. Its summit is also an eye-catcher as it has formations formed by magma which are the results of the eruption of the volcano.

Galle Crater

This crater was made famous by the landing of the much popular NASA’s Curiosity rover in 2012. It is the most potential site for having past water evidence. Curiosity has found many shreds of evidence of past water on the crater floor. The crater is also known as “Happy Face Crater” because it appears to be like a smiley face.

North Pole

If you want a snow-filled vacation this is the place to be at. It is mostly covered with water ice and solid carbon dioxide which makes it look like a winter wonderland. The best time to visit the north pole would be the martian winters.

Proctor Crater

This is a very unique and mesmerizing place to be at. This is filled with sand dunes that have ripples on it. The smaller and lighter ridges are made of fine sand while bigger and darker are made up of volcanic materials. This is a must-visit.

Victoria Crater

Last but not least is the Victoria Crater. The distinctive pattern on the crater floor is made up of sand dunes. NASA’s Opportunity rover has also paid a visit to this crater. It is roughly 70 m deep and 730 m wide.

These could be your next family vacation destinations so gear up for a lift off and don’t forget to bring a camera with you so that if anyone doubts that you visited Mars you can show them your holiday pictures.

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