Virgin Galactic’s maiden flight test this November

Virgin Galactic’s maiden flight test this November

Richard Branson’s aerospace company Virgin Galactic is all set to make its first flight test in late November.

The SpaceShipTwo test flight is expected to happen between 19th and 23rd November. Till date the company had completed two federally-recognized spaceflights, with expecting to conduct two more test spaceflights before it flies Branson.

Virgin Galactic already has about 600 reservation in it’s books which were primarily sold at a price of $200,000-$250,000 per ticket many years ago but the company had stopped the sale of tickets till the completion of the project although from this year they had started a deposit program called “One Small Step” so that everyone can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

Virgin Galactic said that they will end the deposit program by end of this year and re-open fully the sales of the tickets in 2021 after Richard Branson’s flight. The pricing of the tickets are yet to be known. Company’s executives revealed that there is a huge demand for the tickets.

So it is fair to assume that Virgin Galactic will increase the pricing for the flight tickets. Virgin Galactic has received around 900 deposits for the tickets till now.

The SpaceShipTwo flight test will have just 2 pilots onboard and Virgin Galactic will make some revenue on the test flight as they will be carrying microgravity research payloads for NASA. The second test flight will have 4 mission specialists aboard.

The company plans to fly Richard Branson in the first quarter of the next year and is expected to bring its second aircraft in the first quarter itself which will enable them to fly more often.

Looks like a great year ahead for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

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